Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Bush


It was the morning and I just woke up. “Mum said breakfast time”. So me and my brother went downstairs to eat,Just then I saw dad leave “I said he left early”. We sat on our chairs and ate. After that we started playing football passes,It was getting boring so “I said to bhrt let's go to the nearby forest He said ok”.

Soon as we got there we split up like usul but this time we tried finding treasure . Later we met at the same place and then SUDDENLY we saw a gorilla “I said were on hell did that come from”. We Gapped as fast as we could we climbed the tree and waited quietly as we could,We started to move quietly a twig fell on his head “I said oh no”.

It looked at us and tried climbing, but it was too big so it fell. I was so glad we were safe. “Bhrt said this adventure has been so long were lost in know where”,My brother checked his phone but it was dead. We found a clue it was a little cottage made out of biscuits and cookies.Mmmmm We took a bite each and took more and more and more it was so yum we nearly ate half of the cottage.

After eating half of the cottage we went inside and searched the whole house and couldn't find anything. We met outside,It was getting dark “I said to bhrt let's find some firewood to keep up warm” “He said ok. Then we started finding firewood and we found a whole bunch,Just then I saw werewolfs.

They started chasing us we both grabbed a stick Slick blood gushing and pouring out guts everywhere we felt like professional hunters. We lit the fire up and slepet. In the morning I was hungry I woke bhrt up and “said bhrt wake up i'm hungry”. He woke up and we started finding out way back home we went back to the cottage and there was a power cable  he put his phone on charge and “said yessssss” cus it worked.

Soon when it was charged he went to contacts and rang mum up beep beep beep he cut the phone call cuse we saw the entry we went home. Mum said where were u gone we “said to had a little wonder around in the forest” so we explained every thing and we were safe.


  1. I like your description and if that was real life i would of been really scared.

  2. that is a lot of writing nick!