Friday, May 22, 2015

Picture Writing

I turn around and I see the most amazing thing ever.It was a man with sharp horns and a snake with burning horns. the place was pretty spiky.The garden spongy and the giant was wobbly. the giant was squashing the slithery snake with his strong hands.The creepy giant was holding the snake with his big and huge hands and with the giants fingernails trying to squeezing it in his body.The snake had yellow eyes with a black dot in his eyes and the giant's eyes were brownish and with a dot in it.The snakes horns were like a upside down c but the giants horn was like a moose.The giants nose was like a normal persons nose but the snakes nose was like a hole on one side and the other one too.


  1. This is a fantastic piece of work! I love that language that you have used in here! The giant's eyes are "brownish" - great work! Keep it up Nick

  2. Great Picture Writing nick i hope you can share more story for rimu

  3. Grate post. that seen sounds scery