Monday, August 14, 2017


Planet Unknown
The seed grew into a tree and then humans came and more grew and grew there was like 10 million, Then after the humans choped down some trees and made houses and buildings and it was AMAZING!!! Soon The unknown planet was turned into a master paese  buildings, temples, everything you could think of. Every one shouted “OHH NO It's a METEOR SHOWER AHHH!!! RUNN” they all ran as fast as they could nooooo half on the humans got crushed they all got loaded in the space ships and 3 2 1 Take of they launched off and rite into space.

The space ship splitted up and then they fell out of it and then they all said “We're going to Die”!!! They all fell down and then the two robots came and saved them, they magically just teleported them into the future. There Was only 24 hours left to stay there they thought and thought and then they had an idea. They were going to build a time machine to go back to planet unknown so there would be nothing destroyed. So they had to do a lot of work, They built it so quick and good because they were working together. There was only 1 hour left so they quickly went in and 3 2 1 it shook off and they explore so much world then they finally stopped at planet unknown.
It was perfect not even a scratch on the buildings, so they somehow had to try to make a shield over it. So then again they got to work they had to make a really thin layer of blue protection and three weeks later they had made the protection it was really good and it was so futuristic. Not again RUN it was a meteor shower and they didn't know what to do, the time machine was miles away the didn't know what to do BANG The shield didn't pay of it was a fail all the humans got crushed.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Serve EveryThing

We Serve Everything


  • Toastie: It's a nice Scrumches meal and when it's served to you it's leaking with some delicious juices.  Price: $4.50

  • Pancakes with syrup: It's delicious because the pancakes are soft and fluffy and the syrup is nice because it melts in your mouth. Price: $4.00

  • Boiled Eggs with pepper: It's soft and squishy to the touch and the pepper just gives the vibe to the egg.  Price:$1.00


  • Naan Bread with butter chicken: The Naan Bread is just so mouth watering and Delicious and the moving on to the butter chicken, The butter chicken is nice and creamy!!!   Price:$5.00

  • Cheese Burger: The cheeseburger is just so cheesy and delicious, It just so creamy and leaking with cheese.   Price:$4.00

  • French fries With tomato sauce and BBQ sauce: The french fries texture is just so crispy and the sauce just melts in your mouth Mmm.  $3.00


  • Salad tacos: When you bite into it it's just so nice when you hear the CRUNCH! in your mouth, The salad is just so mouth watering.  
         Price $6.00

  • Salad Burger: Delicious and scrumches and the Buns are soft and squishy and the patty is nice and juicy.  Price:$4.00

  • Mince Pie: When you taste it you can feel the Mince in you mouth and then when you swallow it it's spectacular. Price:$4.00


  • Sundae Flavors, Caramel, Strawberry and Chocolate: The caramel sundae is so creamy and delicious, The strawberry sundae tastes like a creamy strawberry and the chocolate one is so dairy milky and nice.   Price:$3.00

  • One piece of Oreo Cake: When you bite into it you can taste the difference between a cake and a oreo cake and you can taste the oreo crumbs in it. Price: $3.00

  • Chocolate Fudge cake one slice: It is so yum until you get to the icing it's so so sugary and delicious. Price: $1.50


  • Bear, V Drink, Mother, Tui, Monster, Cocacola, Mountain Dew, sprite And L&P