Monday, November 21, 2016

Art Post


Topic: Visual Art Giraffe

For my Art I did a giraffe and it was fun.

My favorite part was doing the eyelashes because it looked the best and it was the funnest part of the giraffe and I really had to do it carefully so I didn't make a mistake.

When I did the ears it was really tricky because I had to blend the coulors in with dark colors and light colors.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

P.E Post


For my P.E I did Throwing, Running and Jumping.

For jumping we had to jump as high as we could my favorite part was over the yellow lines.

For running we did,like first year 5 boys race and then year 6 boys race.

For throwing we got a tennis ball and threw it as far as we can but we have to listen to the teacher because she or he can say hop on one leg and throw.

Literacy Post

For my literacy I did a narritive about a family going camping and some thing goes wrong.

The Camping Trip

It was Saturday morning and we were getting ready to go on holiday. Sam wasn't getting his stuff ready because he didn't want to go,So his mum was packing his bag up. Last time they went camping they forgot their food and Sam nearly fell in the river. So they got packed up and,Sam's parents forced him to go so he had to go. Later when they arrived in the afternoon we were just sitting down doing nothing.

“Dad said I'm really really hungry so we went hunting for our Kea we found 4 fishes and suddenly out of know were a bear starts chasing them. 30 seconds  later they lost the bear and we took the 4 fishes to the camp and then they started to find firewood they found firewood and put it in a pile and got matches and lighted it up and waited until it was warm enough to cook it.

15 Minutes later we took the fish and started cooking it up. Later it was cooked we first got plates and put them down then put our Kea on the plate and then get a fork and a knife and start eating. “Later Dad said tomorrow remember to wake up early because we're going to head back home”. After they got in there camp and everyone said goodnight at the same time and then they slept. They woke up at five am and got everything packed up,They all  sprang in the car and we drove home Feeling Lucky.

The End

I Hope You Enjoyed It.

Maths Post


In maths I leant my 5 times tables.

My fastest time was 41 seconds after like 15 minits of  practice we had rounds and who ever won they vs a extension maths person and Naomi beat 3 extension maths people.

If u want to be smart at ur times tables click this Link

I Hope U Enjoyed???