Thursday, November 16, 2017

Safe cycling animation

This is my safe cycling animation I hope you enjoyed it and also comment.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ryans Funeral Recount

Journey to Fielding

We hopped on the bus and everyone was chatting about Ryan's funeral so that's where the journey started as we were on the bus the kapa haka boys were practicing Pokarekare ana. It was kind of boring on the bus but we dealt with it so we started to play I dare you, Soon when we stopped playing we arrived in Woodville we played on the playground and most of us stopped to go toilet. An hour later we arrived at the church in Feilding.
As We walked in everyone was teary with tissues in their hands, Wiping away the tears.
Half way through people started to get emotional. Me and Nick and Jake were getting really sad through the service so Jakes mum and dad gave us tissues and hugs.
As the coffin was loaded into the car, Rimu sang a song called Pokarekare ana.
Some people couldn't even sing because they were crying too much.
Then a lady with a basket said take one lavender and place it on Ryan's coffin.

After that was finished we went inside and we got to eat some food that was set up on three tables. They were heaps of plates of food and there were plenty of drinks. Then we got back onto the bus, We sat in our seats and waited for Miss Hill to get on the bus.

We pulled out of Fielding and we started to drive to Woodville. We went past hundreds of wind farms that had windmills in them. We stopped at the same park that we did on the way there. Then it was home from there.

On the bus people started playing this game where they would call out someone’s name then they would have to do a signal of acknowledgement.

Our emotions

Aston: I felt sad at Ryan's funeral I could barely sing
George: I was also crying I was so so sad.
Nick: I was crying at Ryan's funeral and I was really sad I want to go back time.

Jake W: I was really sad because I never got to say a proper goodbye to him.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Calendar Art

Calendar Art

This is my calendar art i used vectr to create this master peace. This art is called Vaporware and its really fun. I hope you liked it, It has a face emoji but Iput cool hair on it so it looks better and I chose that background because it looks really interesting and cool. You Should buy my master piece because it is only $10.00 Wow and also for $15.00 you can get three of my master pieces.$$$

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Infinitie Pong

Hi guys welcome to my blog make sure u comment and Play my game. Hope You Enjoy.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Name of problem: Tarts? Sweet!
Describe the problem: You had to first columns you had to half the the ingredients  for 48 tarts  to 24 then . Then you would have to add a quarter to the 2 column .  you had to add a column because a quarter of 48 is 12. And 12 plus 48 equals 60 . - Amanjot and finley

First we had to half the ingredients for the first column and for the second column you had to add quarters  on to it. Nick
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)
  • Fractions
  • Knowing my quarters and halfs

Strategies were
  • We first simplified some of the numbers
  • We would sometimes subtract the fractions or add them to get the answer easily .

Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:

Collaboration: We used collaboration by working together and sharing ideas together and we also helped each other work it out. -Nick
Empathy and listening: How we used this was by telling each other ideas and then we listened to other ideas.-nick
Reasoning: How we used this was by talking and arguing kindly and nicely together so then we agreed on one thing. -Nick
Absorption : We were very very absorbed I know that because we got lots of it done and we have linked it all up .  Also i know it because we were very collaborative, in the section  of time.
Photo of the task:Screenshot 2017-09-06 at 9.38.34 AM.png

Monday, August 28, 2017


Name of problem: what is ¼
Describe the problem:  We had to find out what is ¼ of a shape it was kind of tricky but i solved it out.
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)
  • First I ruled perfectly 4 equal areas.(By measuring with a ruler.)
  • Then 1 space would be ¼.

Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:
Making Links: I made links by connecting to my group's thoughts and guesses and their final answers for the fractions

Collaboration: I collaborated by working together with my group and I did it well.
Photo of the task:IMG_1663.JPG

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Show me


For my show me, me and Aston did how to work out a division equation and this is what we did.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Name of problem: Pizza & Pie
Describe the problem:
  • Petra ate ⅖ of a pizza and sarah ate ⅕ . show how to work out how much pizzas they ate all together.
  • Lima and paul each had the same sized cake. Lima ate ⅘ of his cake and paul ate ⅗ of his cake how much cake did they eat all together.
  • Bill ate ⅕ of his pie how much is left.
  • Andrew started with ½ a pizza and ate three quarters of a whole pizza. How much is left.
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)
  • Petra ate ⅖ of a pizza and sarah ate ⅕ . show how to work out how much pizzas they ate all together?⅗
  • Lima and paul each had the same sized cake. Lima ate ⅘ of his cake and paul ate ⅗ of his cake how much cake did they eat all together?7/10
  • Bill ate ⅕ of his pie how much is left?⅘
  • Andrew started with ½ a pizza and ate three quarters of a whole pizza. How much is left?3/6
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:
Making Links: I made links by connecting to my group's thoughts and guesses and their final answers.

Collaboration: I collaborated by working together with my group and I did it well.
Photo of the task:

Monday, August 14, 2017


Planet Unknown
The seed grew into a tree and then humans came and more grew and grew there was like 10 million, Then after the humans choped down some trees and made houses and buildings and it was AMAZING!!! Soon The unknown planet was turned into a master paese  buildings, temples, everything you could think of. Every one shouted “OHH NO It's a METEOR SHOWER AHHH!!! RUNN” they all ran as fast as they could nooooo half on the humans got crushed they all got loaded in the space ships and 3 2 1 Take of they launched off and rite into space.

The space ship splitted up and then they fell out of it and then they all said “We're going to Die”!!! They all fell down and then the two robots came and saved them, they magically just teleported them into the future. There Was only 24 hours left to stay there they thought and thought and then they had an idea. They were going to build a time machine to go back to planet unknown so there would be nothing destroyed. So they had to do a lot of work, They built it so quick and good because they were working together. There was only 1 hour left so they quickly went in and 3 2 1 it shook off and they explore so much world then they finally stopped at planet unknown.
It was perfect not even a scratch on the buildings, so they somehow had to try to make a shield over it. So then again they got to work they had to make a really thin layer of blue protection and three weeks later they had made the protection it was really good and it was so futuristic. Not again RUN it was a meteor shower and they didn't know what to do, the time machine was miles away the didn't know what to do BANG The shield didn't pay of it was a fail all the humans got crushed.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Serve EveryThing

We Serve Everything


  • Toastie: It's a nice Scrumches meal and when it's served to you it's leaking with some delicious juices.  Price: $4.50

  • Pancakes with syrup: It's delicious because the pancakes are soft and fluffy and the syrup is nice because it melts in your mouth. Price: $4.00

  • Boiled Eggs with pepper: It's soft and squishy to the touch and the pepper just gives the vibe to the egg.  Price:$1.00


  • Naan Bread with butter chicken: The Naan Bread is just so mouth watering and Delicious and the moving on to the butter chicken, The butter chicken is nice and creamy!!!   Price:$5.00

  • Cheese Burger: The cheeseburger is just so cheesy and delicious, It just so creamy and leaking with cheese.   Price:$4.00

  • French fries With tomato sauce and BBQ sauce: The french fries texture is just so crispy and the sauce just melts in your mouth Mmm.  $3.00


  • Salad tacos: When you bite into it it's just so nice when you hear the CRUNCH! in your mouth, The salad is just so mouth watering.  
         Price $6.00

  • Salad Burger: Delicious and scrumches and the Buns are soft and squishy and the patty is nice and juicy.  Price:$4.00

  • Mince Pie: When you taste it you can feel the Mince in you mouth and then when you swallow it it's spectacular. Price:$4.00


  • Sundae Flavors, Caramel, Strawberry and Chocolate: The caramel sundae is so creamy and delicious, The strawberry sundae tastes like a creamy strawberry and the chocolate one is so dairy milky and nice.   Price:$3.00

  • One piece of Oreo Cake: When you bite into it you can taste the difference between a cake and a oreo cake and you can taste the oreo crumbs in it. Price: $3.00

  • Chocolate Fudge cake one slice: It is so yum until you get to the icing it's so so sugary and delicious. Price: $1.50


  • Bear, V Drink, Mother, Tui, Monster, Cocacola, Mountain Dew, sprite And L&P

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How are famous people good learners

How are Famous People Good Learners?
Capture Famous.PNG
WAL how to stretch our IMITATION learning muscle.
FireShot Capture 6 - Poster - Google Drawings_ -

  • Choose a famous person.
  • How is your person a role model for learning? Because they practice and learn different things at football.
  • What learning muscles do you think they are they strongest at? Capitilising Why? Because they make the most of their time in playing a football match.
  • What beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviour helped them to achieve? He practices football. He started football under 7 years old thats why he's one of the best legends. He does really good, and he's a really accurate shooter because he's been practicing for 37 years of football.
  • Create a poster (can be digital) of your famous person with all of the above.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bully Story

Write a story with the title:

The day the bully stopped.

Make sure your story:

  • Has a beginning, middle and end
  • A problem and a solution
  • Some awesome vocabulary

Write your story in the box below.

Once upon a time there lived a really nice and kind boy called Sam whenever he went to school he always got bullied by a bully called Josh, Josh Wild. The reason why sam got bullied was because he’s an Australian, just because he’s an Australian doesn't mean he’s the only one left out.
Sam had no friends and no one to play with, He had a really tough life even his brother was the same but his brother was in Australia though.

All the morning teas and lunch times he will just got to the library and read some books because all the time it will be empty so it will be nice and quiet and sometimes he will just fidget around with his fidget spinner. One day library was locked so he went on the playground like the other kids and started playing. Josh and his friend came along and started bullying him so he ran away but he didn't tell the teacher because he was shy. When he was walking home he got bullied again, They were saying  “Go away Stupid b**h” he didn't reply so he ran as fast as he can.

He got home and told His mum and his mum just said “Don't listen to them”, So he did what his mum said. At night he couldn't Resist thinking about Josh and his friends so he just played games on his XBox until he was sleepy, Even though he had a bambillo pillow and a bambillo mattress he still couldn't sleep. He was sleepy at this moment  he turned his XBox off and went to bed. The next morning he took his Rare diamond crystal clear fidget spinner. When he arrived at school he just realised Josh and his friends were probably gonna steal it and it was probably worth the whole world. He couldn't live without a fidget spinner so he just had to spin it at least once and one turned into 10,0000 spins just Josh came, And he said “give me that, let me have a look” he was too scared so he gave it he thought it was too much now so Sam Snatched it out of his hands and ran away and didn't go near him.

So he had and idea, He thought he should tell his dad you all should know my dad is Donald Trump tell him to bomb the world. He thought nah that will be too risky so he thought i’ll go by the principle and the principle can see that i'm getting bullied and then Josh and his friends will be expelled from the school. So the next day he arrived at school, He saw josh and his friends and the principal this time it was a bonus so he was waiting for Josh and Josh said “Come here you dumb stupid Kid” Sam didn't reply He just waited and then the principal saw Josh being mean to me and then he had to go to the head master. He stayed there the rest of the day and got expelled from school and he was just a prisoner as he grew but Sam was a Engineer.

That's why you do the right things, Not the bad things.

Written By Nick Dugh

HBHS Performance.

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog and today im going to tell you about the Hastings Boy's High School performance.

Free Choice Blog

Image result for golden football boots


Golden Football Boots

These we have here are solid gold football boots, The costing is up to $1 its practically free, but there's a little add on you will need. First you will need a pure solid soul plate and that will cost $11100. Next you will need a pure solid gold stud tighter because you don't want a $100 stud falling out, And It will cost $1000. 100 extra pure gold studs will be $20000. There still one more thing left ohh yeah another pair of boots and that will be usually $100000000000, But im giving you a discount -99%off so thats 200000000000.


Practically Free!!!

Remember Its Worth It

Maori Hand Games reflection

On Wednesday we did Maori hand games, It was fun because I enjoyed it. We did knuckle bones/Koruru, String/Whai, E hipitoitoi and Hei tama tu tama. I mostly enjoyed doing the string because it was easy, But the challenging thing was doing the four diamonds. I felt so hooked in I did'int even know were 1 hour had went. It was so fun doing the Maori hand games especially the string. I am going to tell you how to play one of these games. E hipitoitoi is a really fun game there both simuler to each other but they have different actions. So this it how you play E hipitoitoi the person at the start says E hipitoitoi but then after they say hipitoitoi. To win you have to be on the same action and then you quickly say E hipitoitoi Ra before they change there move but remember you can't get anyone out after 2 turn's each.

That's it for today's blog post, Make sure your working hard, Make sure your smiling and make sure your dabbing on em hater's 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Crazy Shoes

Crazy Shoes Description Buy Now!!!

These shoes are the best in the world and also the expensivest These Cost $1.0000000. There practically free, But for a Trillionare it would be. So far 1 person has bought them and that is me, But they are still worth it. Ok let's get into this. They have bluetooth cord less speaker’s and 1 click can connect onto your phone and you can put songs on and listen to anything you want. The Next thing that it can do is tighten your shoelaces by one click and you can enjoy a tight life. It would be worth more but i'm just giving you guys a discount. If you put these shoes on you can todly float believe me it’s true… Ohh And also I forgot wait what was it again ohh yea you get free MONNNEEYY.  


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Free choice blog

10 Random facts about Miss Dunn

  1. Her favorite sport is snow skiing.
  2. Favorite color blue.
  3. Favorite subject is Literacy (Reading and writing).
  4. Favorite animal Is cat and she has 3 at home called lily,jazzy and Christmas.
  5. Favorite food is vegetarian foods.
  6. She went to university in Otago to train to be a teacher a long time ago.
  7. Her favorite thing to do is snow skiing and drinking coffee and laughing. (But not at the same time.
  8. Her favorite sports when she was young were athletics and trampling.
  9. There are 9 that live at her house.(7 are pets).
  10.  She used to be a postie when she was a teenager.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Day I Turned In To A Cockroach.

Written by Nick dugh.

One sunny morning Sam woke up,Made his bed,Brushed his teeth. When he was brushing his teeth he noticed something,He did'int put toothpaste on his brush. So after he ate rice bubles with milk and some strawberry's. When he goes to school everyone would bully him but today everyone stared at him he said "what" and then every one stepped back it was like he was controlling the whole school. Soon the bully came  his name was josh he was known as the strongest kid in the school. He came and said "what its just a stupid cockroach costume" "Sam said what costume".

The End

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Bush


It was the morning and I just woke up. “Mum said breakfast time”. So me and my brother went downstairs to eat,Just then I saw dad leave “I said he left early”. We sat on our chairs and ate. After that we started playing football passes,It was getting boring so “I said to bhrt let's go to the nearby forest He said ok”.

Soon as we got there we split up like usul but this time we tried finding treasure . Later we met at the same place and then SUDDENLY we saw a gorilla “I said were on hell did that come from”. We Gapped as fast as we could we climbed the tree and waited quietly as we could,We started to move quietly a twig fell on his head “I said oh no”.

It looked at us and tried climbing, but it was too big so it fell. I was so glad we were safe. “Bhrt said this adventure has been so long were lost in know where”,My brother checked his phone but it was dead. We found a clue it was a little cottage made out of biscuits and cookies.Mmmmm We took a bite each and took more and more and more it was so yum we nearly ate half of the cottage.

After eating half of the cottage we went inside and searched the whole house and couldn't find anything. We met outside,It was getting dark “I said to bhrt let's find some firewood to keep up warm” “He said ok. Then we started finding firewood and we found a whole bunch,Just then I saw werewolfs.

They started chasing us we both grabbed a stick Slick blood gushing and pouring out guts everywhere we felt like professional hunters. We lit the fire up and slepet. In the morning I was hungry I woke bhrt up and “said bhrt wake up i'm hungry”. He woke up and we started finding out way back home we went back to the cottage and there was a power cable  he put his phone on charge and “said yessssss” cus it worked.

Soon when it was charged he went to contacts and rang mum up beep beep beep he cut the phone call cuse we saw the entry we went home. Mum said where were u gone we “said to had a little wonder around in the forest” so we explained every thing and we were safe.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Bush

I learnt more about the bush.
My favorite part was finding the pictures on google images.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Waka writing

FullSizeRender.jpgI am proud of this because I Explained this writing well. My favoorite part was doing the waka.

So first of all I have a huge football in the middle of my art which represents that I love football. So next of all I have my family on it including my dog because he's still part of my family. After that I have 6 stars because it means I have 6 people in my family.

Then I have a TV and an Xbox because I like games and there is a Xbox in my room. Next I have a house in it and I have a dog kennel in it because I just felt like doing it. So on the final one I have my favorite footballers Ronaldo Pogba and Messi my favorite is Ronaldo.