Friday, June 2, 2017

Crazy Shoes

Crazy Shoes Description Buy Now!!!

These shoes are the best in the world and also the expensivest These Cost $1.0000000. There practically free, But for a Trillionare it would be. So far 1 person has bought them and that is me, But they are still worth it. Ok let's get into this. They have bluetooth cord less speaker’s and 1 click can connect onto your phone and you can put songs on and listen to anything you want. The Next thing that it can do is tighten your shoelaces by one click and you can enjoy a tight life. It would be worth more but i'm just giving you guys a discount. If you put these shoes on you can todly float believe me it’s true… Ohh And also I forgot wait what was it again ohh yea you get free MONNNEEYY.  


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