Thursday, June 15, 2017

Maori Hand Games reflection

On Wednesday we did Maori hand games, It was fun because I enjoyed it. We did knuckle bones/Koruru, String/Whai, E hipitoitoi and Hei tama tu tama. I mostly enjoyed doing the string because it was easy, But the challenging thing was doing the four diamonds. I felt so hooked in I did'int even know were 1 hour had went. It was so fun doing the Maori hand games especially the string. I am going to tell you how to play one of these games. E hipitoitoi is a really fun game there both simuler to each other but they have different actions. So this it how you play E hipitoitoi the person at the start says E hipitoitoi but then after they say hipitoitoi. To win you have to be on the same action and then you quickly say E hipitoitoi Ra before they change there move but remember you can't get anyone out after 2 turn's each.

That's it for today's blog post, Make sure your working hard, Make sure your smiling and make sure your dabbing on em hater's 

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