Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Serve EveryThing

We Serve Everything


  • Toastie: It's a nice Scrumches meal and when it's served to you it's leaking with some delicious juices.  Price: $4.50

  • Pancakes with syrup: It's delicious because the pancakes are soft and fluffy and the syrup is nice because it melts in your mouth. Price: $4.00

  • Boiled Eggs with pepper: It's soft and squishy to the touch and the pepper just gives the vibe to the egg.  Price:$1.00


  • Naan Bread with butter chicken: The Naan Bread is just so mouth watering and Delicious and the moving on to the butter chicken, The butter chicken is nice and creamy!!!   Price:$5.00

  • Cheese Burger: The cheeseburger is just so cheesy and delicious, It just so creamy and leaking with cheese.   Price:$4.00

  • French fries With tomato sauce and BBQ sauce: The french fries texture is just so crispy and the sauce just melts in your mouth Mmm.  $3.00


  • Salad tacos: When you bite into it it's just so nice when you hear the CRUNCH! in your mouth, The salad is just so mouth watering.  
         Price $6.00

  • Salad Burger: Delicious and scrumches and the Buns are soft and squishy and the patty is nice and juicy.  Price:$4.00

  • Mince Pie: When you taste it you can feel the Mince in you mouth and then when you swallow it it's spectacular. Price:$4.00


  • Sundae Flavors, Caramel, Strawberry and Chocolate: The caramel sundae is so creamy and delicious, The strawberry sundae tastes like a creamy strawberry and the chocolate one is so dairy milky and nice.   Price:$3.00

  • One piece of Oreo Cake: When you bite into it you can taste the difference between a cake and a oreo cake and you can taste the oreo crumbs in it. Price: $3.00

  • Chocolate Fudge cake one slice: It is so yum until you get to the icing it's so so sugary and delicious. Price: $1.50


  • Bear, V Drink, Mother, Tui, Monster, Cocacola, Mountain Dew, sprite And L&P

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