Thursday, August 11, 2016


Suddenly Mum called me. I came to Mum and DON DON DON!!! We were going to Burger king. I got ready,we drove to Burger King and we went inside. We took our order and ate. I got a sundae that had caramel on it and I got a salad burger plus fries. My Dad and Brother got the same but my Mum didn't get a Sunday, she got extra fries.


 I woke up, took a bath, got ready and jumped in the car with exitement and Mum, Dad, Bhrt were going too. It was 12.00 clock and we were at the park. Me and Bhrt got on the swing and we were having a competition who can go higher. Bhrt went higher and then he had to jump off and land. Then we went to the slide and we had to jump off. I was too scared so then Bhrt was going to do it and he did it! I was so surprised.


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