Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I learned saying stuff about my learning buddy hunter.

i was learning to get dylan to help me

Week 2 Reflection by Nick Dugh
WALT reflect on our learning
Write your reflection about these three headings this week Use the prompts and questions as a guide.

  1. My Learning
I am proud of doing my pic collage Jamie Curry because I've done good work on it. I enjoy doing Maths because its my favorite subject. I found it challenging doing my week 2 reflection because I needed help.

  1. Learning Buddy
My buddy Hunter helps me with my task called art trail because Hunter is a good learning buddy. I think I could help him more.
  1. Managing Self-Time
I'm going good on my learning tasks because I'm on week 2. I am using my time very very well because it's week 3 and I'm on week 2.

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