Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jamie Curry Report

We have been writing a report about Jamie Curry who is a famous actress. She is in videos where she is self deprecating.
I was learning to turn my notes into writing.

Success Criteria (based on Kidspeak progressions)
  • beginning, middle and end (structure)
  • topic words (vocabulary)
  • different sentence beginnings (sentence formation)
  • added detail to my ideas (content and ideas)
  • punctuation that helps the reader (punctuation)
  • my writing goal is keeping track on Jamie Curry.
Jamie Curry
Who is she?
Jamie Curry is a popular kiwi that lives in  New Zealand. She isn't afraid to make fun of herself. Do you know that she started the Facebook page when she was only 16? Now she's 19. The thing she is famous for is that she is funny and weird and she makes entertaining videos.

Youtube fame
She’s got 125,000 followers and 60,000 subscribers and 16,000 likes on the Facebook page is called Jamie’s world. She created the page for her and her friends to put on funny videos. She is on youtube facebook and twitter. Jamie began the facebook page in July last year.

Her life
Jamie Curry has got lots of fans because she just makes fun of herself. Jamie is a very very famous girl and her favorite sport is soccer. The 19 year old from Hawke’s Bay now lives in Auckland. She went to a college called the Sacred Heart College in Napier.

Other successes
Do you know why everyone likes Jamie Curry? It’s because she just always makes fun of herself in photos especially videos. She has lots of fans because she makes fun of herself and she also is a comedian. One day she would like to go to Hollywood to work.

Jamie Curry is still making funny videos every week. One day she hopes to become a Hollywood actress.

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