Friday, September 11, 2015

My Art is called sponge cleaner.

  • It’s a drawing of sponge bob and Patrick.
  • I watch it all the time after school.
  • I like sponge bob and it's my favorite program.
  • To make my art I used coloring in pencils and dye.
  • To make my art the colors I used were yellow, pink, blue, black, green, purple, red and brown pencils.  
  • The tricky and challenging part was drawing sponge bob and Patrick.
  • The hard part was Patrick's pants and sponge bobs arms.
  • I am proud of my art because i like the background because it's made out of dye.

  • By Nick hugh.
  • We were learning to do some recording with the QR CODE.
  • I am blogging this because i,v been working on this for 3 days.

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