Friday, November 6, 2015


I learned how to do a report properly and better than before.
I am blogging this because I wrote about my dad.

WALT choose words appropriate to writing purpose
Purpose: To Entertain
Text Type: Poem (Model)
Our Success Criteria
  • Use of adjective-noun with hyphen e.g. tall-story, biscuit-mugger
  • Change line after after every idea
  • Ideas are short - two or three well-chosen words
  • Use some alliteration e.g. full-of-fib fever
  • Use some rhyming (Try Rhyme Zone)
  • Be true about the subject
  • Select line starters carefully (a variety)


He's a:

Hard mechanic worker.

Cricket mad.

Fashion sad.

Not half bad.

Nice dad.

Best dad I've ever had.

He's a dad that always buys things.

Guess what my dad is not a normal dad?

I'm so so so happy I had

The awesomest dad!!!!

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