Friday, November 6, 2015


We were learning how to write about someone that you really know well. 
I am blogging this because I've never blogged about someone that i know well.

SHIVOM.K by Nick
Physical Description
Character Traits
Brown sparkly eyes.

His favorite color is green.

His favorite game is asphalt 8: Airborne.


My cousin

kind of smart

He likes scootering with his MGP and with his bike.

He likes going for walks with me and my brother.

He really really likes playing games.


Guess what do you know that my cousin called Shivom is a awesome boy and he’s my amazing cousin?
He loves playing asphalt 8: Airborne and also he’s kind of like a gamer.
Do you know that he really really wants to buy a Labrador  or a turtle and a fish that's gold called a goldfish and he would call it Goldie the goldfish?
Did you know that he likes driving his bike and especially he likes driving his mgp scooter?
Have you ever known that he's got brown sparkly eyes and also his favorite color is sparkling light green?
Do you know that he likes going for walks with me and my brother and my mum.
Did you know that he just got his new scooter like just yesterday and it's a mgp and it's got two huge wheels and yeh?
Have you noticed that in the last couple of weeks he's been gaming too much because whenever I go to his house he’s been gaming on his computer?

I like being Shivom’s cousin because he's nice and friendly.    

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